Jay, rest assured, the Pacers will not get Tyson Chandler. The best the Pacers can hope for is AL Harrington for the 7th pick, and the Pacers will have to take maybe Scottie Pippen back so the salaries match.

After thinking about it and reading what they are saying out of Chicago, there is no way the Bulls would have ever traded Tyson and the 7th pick for AL, dispite the excitement last night we should all accept the fact that won't happen.

I do think however if Luke Jackson is available at the 7th pick the Bulls will draft him and trade him to the Pacers for AL, I think that will happen.

Whether that is a good trade or not, I don't have the slightest idea, for two reasons.

1) I don't think the Pacers will stop there, more moves will be made.

2) I have never seen Jackson play so I have no idea. But I will say if the Pacers make this move and Jackson is not the Pacers starting shooting guard by his second season then it was a huge mistake. He also should be able to play 15 minutes per game next season, if he is not ready or good enough to do those two things, then Bird just made his first mistake.

Because make no mistake about it, this is Bird's trade, yes I know DW has a say so, but I highly doubt Walsh makes this trade if Bird were still in Naples, Florida