Hey guys, like the thread title says my first round pick this year is available (currently nr.5)! What I want back though is one or more of young players with upside or allready producing and/or picks.

I have several players available who could maybe make a deal easier to make:

Mo Williams, Guard, Cleveland. He will be getting more minutes and shots the coming months with Delonte West out with a broken wrist.

Delonte West, Guard, Cleveland.... ahemm....

Marco Belinelli, Guard, Golden State. Is going a little up and down the last few games, but has finally been getting some regular playingtime this season and it has paid off.

Thabo Sefolosha, Guard, Chicago. Dissappointing the first couple of seasons, but is slowly putting things together and raising his FPPM surely, but steadily this season. Chances are good he will see a raise in his minutes next year when Gordon leaves (which is pretty likely).

Udonis Haslem, Forward, Miami. Steady player, not very spectacular, but very reliable and nice to have on your bench when injuries start piling up. When Marion bolts I expect Haslem to get more opportunities at getting rebounds.

Guys who I have more difficulty parting with, but who CAN be had:

Yi Jianlian, Forward, New Jersey. Up and down, but his FPPM is nice and his overal production is increasing and he will remain to get every opportunity with the Nets.

Charly Vilanueva, Forward, Milwaukee. I don't really know what the deal is with him and his coach, but his minutes go up and down, but his high FPPM is very stabile and he's the ideal player to fill up minutes with that FPPM.

Untouchable for now (more or less ):

Oden, Beasley, Lee, Augustin.

So, feel free to send me offers I always read them and pretty much always respond to them.