I know there aren't too many comic book readers here at PD, so I didn't think spoiler tags would be necessary.

Anyway, as the thread title reads: Batman is dead.

In Final Crisis #6, Batman, facing the end of the world, decided to make a "once in a lifetime exception" by shooting and killing Darkseid with a cosmic gun, loaded with a cosmic bullet. In return, Darkseid incinerated Bats with his Omega Beams as the shot was fired, a fate that Bruce Wayne knew and was willing to accept. His final word? "Gotcha." The final page of the comic is Superman, holding the gruesome, burnt out corpse of Batman.

Now, those of us who have been following comics of late knew that Batman would meet his "ultimate fate" in Final Crisis #6. However, we were constantly assured that Batman would not be physically killed, and yet, here we are.

Add to that that there was virtually no media hype surrounding this (unlike with the Death of Superman) and we have a rather bizarre situation, with an icon's death flying way below the radar. Hell, if a 5-page back-up story with Barack Obama in a Spider-Man comic can cause sales of that to shoot through the roof (it's already on its thrid printing), then surely the death of Batman could rival that, right?

Maybe it's because people know this won't stick, that eventually Bruce (and Darkseid) will return. There is already going to be a Battle for the Cowl to name a successor to the mantle in the meanwhile. Or maybe it's because we were told time and again that Bruce would not physically die, yet he did, and in rather gruesome fashion. However, there should still be a lot more hype for this event than this.

DC seems to have massively dropped the ball on this one, from lying about Bruce's fate, to over-hyping the ****-poor R.I.P. storyline (which, we were told, would tie into FC #6, but it doesn't; not even remotely), to forcing Bruce to break his one rule (killing) on his way out the door. Sure, it's cool that he was able to take out a freaking evil God with him, but still, the whole thing just feels poorly done when contrasted with, say, the aforementioned Death of Superman, which was both a media success and a well-written, heart-felt story.

So, what are your thoughts on the death of an icon?