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Thread: Another Miami Trade

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    Default Another Miami Trade

    There were rumors this summer that the Pacers could have pulled the trigger on a deal with Miami for Tinsley, but the hang up was taking Marcus Banks back. I think that deal would have included Blount's contract as well. I think both teams are reconsidering their stance a bit. There are rumors out there... and I believe them about Marion wanting out of Miami. I think this has both teams seeking out a deal. I know this trade might be very similar to some that have been thrown out there but there are a few different players in this deal which evens the money and talent out a bit.

    MIA gets:

    Tinsley 3 yr, 21.60M Current year salary: 24.01M Total salary: 38.86
    Rasho 1 yr, 8.40M
    Daniels 1 yr, 6.86M
    Jack 1 yr, 2.00M

    IND gets:

    Marion 1 yr, 17.81M Current year salary: 24.68M Total salary: 36.97
    Banks 3 yr, 13.66M
    Wright 2 yr, 5.50M

    The money is off by two million over the course of the trade, which is minimal. The Heat completely upgrade their PG position and have insurance for Tinsley being rusty with Jack coming in as well. They aren't on the hook for Jack after this year and Chalmers and Tinsley can hold down the PG spot for the next two years for relatively cheap between the two. They have Quinn who is the Heat's Deiner. They get rid of Marion who is becoming a distraction for their playoff push with his priority being his contract. Wright is a throw in to make the money close on his two year deal. He is cheap and adds length and defense off the bench. Rush should easily be ahead of him on the depth chart as well. We get rid of Rasho and Quis to get rid of Tinsley. Neither of them will be back next year. If Marion wants to be a Pacer long term he would have to take less money. If not we just got him as an expiring. We could either use him for a playoff push, or try to buy him out if he wants to go elsewhere, since his agent has been talking to other GM's about their interest in Marion. We might be able to save a million and let him go where he can get a deal this off-season. This trade actually makes a ton of sense for both teams. Plus we don't take back both Banks and Blounts terrible contracts. We take on an extra 250K in year two and Miami takes on an extra 2.8M in year three. We separate Tinsley's contract next year into two players. This will allow us to spend our available money this off-season on one less player, which is something we absolutely need to do, and we did it by dealing Tinsley. This trade would be an exceptional trade for both teams.
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    Default Re: Another Miami Trade

    This trade would set us up for the off-season with:

    Granger 10.00M
    Murphy 11.05M
    Dunleavy 9.78M
    Ford 8.50M
    Foster 6.08M
    Deiner 1.74M
    Rush 1.93M
    Hibbert 1.58M
    Banks 4.55M
    Wright 2.89M

    That's ten players under contract for 58.10M. The cap for this year is 58.68M. We have two draft picks, which would count about 3M against our cap. That leaves us at 61.10M to sign three players. As I have expressed before I think our Bi-Annual exception would be perfect for McRoberts at 1.99M next year, taking us up to 63.09. The MLE would leave us with 5.585M (plus whatever they increase that) to sign two players. That would basically take us right up to $69.0M. It gives us some flexibility and ensures we are under the Luxury Tax even if it remains at 71.15M.

    Our depth chart would look like this:

    PG - Ford, Deiner, Banks
    SG - Dunleavy, Rush
    SF - Granger, Wright
    PF - Murphy, McRoberts
    C - Hibbert, Foster

    Fill in two draft picks, likely being a big man of some sort and then a best available wing in round 2. Then we would be looking at signing another post (hopefully Brandon Bass) and wing player (possibly Stephen Graham). I would feel really good about our team at that point.

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    Default Re: Another Miami Trade

    Miami just doesn't need that to do that deal.

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    Default Re: Another Miami Trade

    I think I would have to look at this scenario a bit first before jumping in.

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