With a last second play setup you need a couple good screeners and some shooters. The play drawn would have worked well if it wasn't thrown in to Foster, rather someone who looked for a quick pass to Dunleavy, and if not available could turn and shoot. For the sake of it lets just say it was broken, Its hard to believe the play was designed for a one option pass to Dunleavy.

Brandon Rush needs to be in the game more, especially with Daniels out. Its obvious his minutes would lessen with the return of Dunleavy, but how much better would it have been to see Rush guarding Kobe to allow Granger to be involved in the final play? We know he's a rookie and has his shortcomings, but the talents he does possess (defense and shooting range) need to be utilized more efficiently. O'Brien should consider dropping the bench banishments to 'teach lessons' and keep those players available for whatever advantage they may bring.