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    ellis seems to want out and would be a real coup if the pacers could find a way to acquire him. unfortunately, ellis is a byc player so it's nearly impossible to find a solid trade to get him here. somebody else might be able to find a more feasible deal but here's the first one i could get accepted (yes, maggette's contract is most likely a deal breaker)...thoughts on possible deals for ellis?

    pacers receive -

    monta ellis
    corey maggette
    ronny turiaf

    warriors receive -

    marquis daniels
    brandon rush
    josh mcroberts
    maceo baston
    tj ford

    trade accepted via's nba trade machine and via realgm's trade checker

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    I wouldn't give up that much.

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    Man thats a lot to give up. I dont think Bird would do it though. Too many long term contracts, which they are not interested in right now. Especially considering that Ellis just violated his contract by riding a motor bike (moped)
    "So, which one of you guys is going to come in second?" - Larry Bird before the 3 point contest. He won.

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