There is an elephant in the room that nobody will mention, most likely out of respect for his great career. I didn't really want to bring it up in response to the thread starter who went after Peyton, since this isn't my team and I want to be a cordial guest.

But... there is a certain other lead-pipe-lock Hall of Famer who scores touchdowns in 2/3 of regular season games but only 1/8 of playoff games, with a substantial reduction in catches and yardage and (seemingly to my eye, though I don't have the stats on it) more drops. I wonder if much of Montana's statistical increase would have disappeared if Jerry Rice didn't crank in up in the postseason but rather faded into the background.

How much of #18's productivity drop in the postseason is do to the fact that his favorite target for almost all of his career (at least before 2007) was never one to shine in January?