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Just because your favorite player isn't getting 48 MPG doesn't make the coach bad. JOB has some weird rotations and it does seem that 50% (?) of the last second shots to end any of the four corners are taken by the same guy who dribbles the ball down the court.

JOB called the play "2-2-6" whatever that may be from the sidelines after the Pacers secured the rebound for the last play. He even had to yell it a few times to somebody. I was in the basement of my house in Indy and knew the play. It's safe to assume the 5 guys on the court did as well. No need for a timeout..... they had a play.

With all of that said I also hate JOB as the coach but some of you's need to calmicus downicus.

Don't you hate when your stupidity is forever etched in the internet!