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Wow, this is truly some horrific logic. So, if another teams starter is better .... we're better off because our backup is better? I'm sorry, the starter plays 35+ minutes, and the backup will cover the rest of the ... oh ... whole 13 minutes. That's uh .... not really even, is it? Let alone suddenly pushing the whole debate in the Pacers favor.

And how is having a 'better tandem' different than being 'better overall'?! That logic escapes me as well. You're really grasping for anything to make this go your way. I'm not seeing it at all.

Oh, and I like TJ to be honest .... but I would have taken Derrick Rose from LAST YEAR over him. There's just something special about the guy and yes, he's clearly better than TJ right now.

-- Steve --
Like I said, if you want to discuss where TJ ranks among starting PGs that's fine but that wasn't the question you responded to. The question was which team has a better Tandem. Also my reply was made with my tongue slightly in my cheek. I even threw in the smilie.

I've watched Derrick Rose a lot this season and he has the potential to be as good a DWill or CP3 but he's still a rookie and plays that way often. If we're just talking about right now, I think he and TJ are a wash.

The Pacers are rebuilding, have played a brutal schedule, and yet they've been in just about every game - they've lost at least 7 games where they've had the lead in the fourth quarter - and those are games where they just choked IMO. I think the issue is lack of discipline and execution, poor clock management, and bad coaching more than the other team having more talent. I don't think the Pacers are in the bottom 5 talent wise in the NBA.

You don't have to agree... I don't really care that much about this topic to tell you the truth. This is a classic PD overreaction thread, IMO.