Traffic was glovely.

The RCA Dome going topless.

Walking in the front door.

I thought that it was going to hang in the Dome forever? Huh Irsay?

Marvin gets introduced and Dominic runs out...

Reggie came over to pump up the crowd, I stayed quiet and took his picture.

The guy who is .333333333333333333333333333333333333 of Peyton Manning.

Toin Closs

Opening Kickoff

Dookie making his first appearance as a Colt.

Colts driving...

Knocking on the door.

Waiting on the Lions to open the door.

Extra Point Time.

Stretch Play.

Lions backed up.

Colts score again...

Calvin Johnson with the TD scamper.

Start of the second half.

Lions add 3.

Lions kicking off.

Lions driving...

Huddle before the tying touchdown.

Lined up for the tying touchdown.

Going for two.

Still going for two.

Kickoff after the go ahead TD.

Lining up for the icing.


Megatron getting ready to lose the All-Spark.

Kneel down time.

Game Over.