I was going to post this in the last post-game thread but it started growing and growing so I figured I'd make my own thread about it. One of the last posts in that thread referred to how bad the FT disparity has been the last few games. I couldn't agree more. Without even looking, I was pretty sure we'd be dead last in the league in that stat, and it looks like that's a fact:


-Over 18 games we've shot 129 less FT's than our opponent, for a -7.1 differential/game.

-Over the last 4 games, we've shot 71 FT's to our opponents' 148... a difference of 77, or a ridiculous -19.25/game.

-We've shot more FT's than our opponent in only 4 games this season (only 2 of which were a significant margin).

-We have not attempted 30 or more FT's in any game thus far. We have given up 30 or more FT's in 6 games. Of those 6, we have given up more than 40 FT's twice.

We currently attempt the 3rd most FGA/game of any team (86.3), and have the 6th best FGA/game differential (+2.7). Since more possessions inherently *should* lead to more chances at FT's, it must mean we're shooting more perimeter shots per game (differential) than our opponents. Indeed, we are #7 in the league in 3PA/game differential (+2.5), behind the Cavs (+2.9), Spurs (+4.6), Blazers (+4.6), Hawks (+5.9), Magic (+9.7 (!) ), and Knicks (+13.3 (!!) ).

I wondered if those six teams also see the same FT disparity we see, and got some mixed results. Below is those teams' FT/game differential, followed by their team FT%, and their league rank in FT%...

Knicks: -2.0 ___ 78.6% ___ 6th
Magic: +6.7 ___ 71.6% ___ 30th
Hawks: +0.2 ___ 75.0% ___ 25th
Blazers: +0.7 ___ 76.8% ___ 13th
Spurs: +0.3 ___ 74.7% ___ 26th
Cavs: +2.0 ___ 77.5% ___ 11th
Pacers: -7.1 ___ 78.1% ___ 8th

Obviously, the Magic and Spurs get most of their FTs from their dominant bigs plus Tony Parker, but it causes them to suffer in FT%. Of all the teams listed, the Knicks play the style closest suited to the Pacers, and even though they're in the negative differential, it's still not nearly as bad as -7.1.

I'm not sure there's really a point in all of this... I got sidetracked here at work while typing it and I have to clock out & leave now. I just thought some of these stats were interesting, and even though the Pacers deserve to be in the negative, I really think -7.1 is a bit on the ridiculous side.

Btw, love the new site design!