I know we're all hoping to pick lower in this year's draft after making the playoffs, but I still think college players are worth talking about. I know that I enjoyed last year's discussion quite a bit, so I thought I'd start this year's thread off.

I'll start it off with a couple of thoughts on Blake Griffin:

1. I think any GM that passes on him in the draft is going to regret it like the Bobcats regret passing on Dwight Howard. I think Griffin is a better NBA prospect than any PF we've seen in college in recent years. Yes, I am saying I think he'll be a better pro than Horford or Beasley, hands down.

2. Preface: I hate the idea of tanking for high draft picks. I really like the makeup of this roster, while acknowledging that it's not a championship level team. I really like the prospect of seeing Rush and Granger and Hibbert all grow together and become a very solid core.

However, I'd give any single player on this team plus this year's pick and an unprotected 1st 2 years from now to get Griffin.