Well let me say that it was my first time seeing a pro basketball game live. I am not a huge mavericks fan and I live in Dallas so that is the only team I would be able to see live and I have chosen not to in the past. However my fiance gave me tickets to go see the Pacers since I have been a fan for a while and since they only come to dallas once a season she gave me the tickets for an early bday present. Here are my impressions seeing them live....First Mike was not there mainly because his grandfather passed away a couple days ago and he was being with his family in Fort Worth. So i did not get to visit with him, but my prayers are with him and the family. Second Foster looks quicker in person than on TV which suprised me. Daniels looked really good live. He was hitting his shots fairly consistently and was very active driving to the basket. When Grangers jump shots are not falling he almost seems like he gets hesistant and confused on how to create. Last night when they needed a leader and someone in the clutch no one stepped up. The 12-2 run started when Nowitzki nailed that three pointer and yanked his shirt down and yelled and pumped his fist. It got his team going. I noticed that not one Pacer has the same effect on the team that Dirk has on the Mavs. Hibbert looked real slow. Rush looked great. His shot is coming around and he was very aggressive. Murphy relied solely on his jump shot. I know he is not a post player but he has to start addressing his presence. He spends so much time in the wieght room to bulk up how on earth is it going to help him if he starts out on the arc and drives every time. He needs to use his muscle to get the ball inside and draw fouls. Again I must say I enjoyed seeing the game I was about 20 rows behind the Mavs basket. It was cool to finally get to see a pro basketball game live. Just wanted to share my experiences and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.