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Thread: Stupid unimportant question

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    Default Stupid unimportant question

    Got an e-mail from the Pacers about opening night and I have a question - what is a lighted rally towel. (I will give the pacers some credit they are really pushing opening night)

    here is the entire e-mail.

    Accenting "Let's Paint the Town Blue and Gold Opening
    Night" is a free-to-the-public performance by Blues Traveler
    at 5:00 p.m. The arena's Pennsylvania Street Plaza is the central gathering point and the first 15,000 fans to the game
    will receive a complimentary lighted rally towel courtesy of Chase.

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    Default Re: Stupid unimportant question

    I believe this is like what they are giving out:


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    Default Re: Stupid unimportant question

    As long as they're not bleeding rally towels like we got during the finals it should be fine.

    Before anyone asks the ink used on the towels ran as soon as the towel got damp.

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    Default Re: Stupid unimportant question

    It's still something neat to have.

    Grace, I've never got any of my towels wet ouside the washer, and the ink hasn't ran on mine. :P

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