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Thread: Pre-season expectations for your team

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    Default Re: Pre-season expectations for your team

    Very good point.

    Plus, your original point was that your team was a real contender, and there's no denying that.
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    Default Re: Pre-season expectations for your team

    Overall, disappointed about how my season ended, 35-21 3rd in my division, just made the second round where I was easily defeated…

    I had a very good off season and Westbrook has exceeded all my expectations and beyond and Lee Starting for the Magic was a added Bonus and he should get better with age, Love his Defense and Hustle.

    Guess my season was dominated by Bogut going down, just never got a good C rotation going after that and lost to many games being slow with my amendments..

    Haddadi sucked, shouldn’t have ever dropped Pryzbilla but I thought Odom would be better than he was… Guess that could have saved my year, not dropping Pryz but such is life…

    I am very happy with my core for next year, Bogut, Howard, Kirilenko, Stuckey and Westbrook, Lee should keep showing signs of All Star potential, I just would like a good back up C during the off season and hopefully draft well again..
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    Default Re: Pre-season expectations for your team


    Looks like I'll be exiting from the play-offs now.
    ...Still "flying casual"

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