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Thread: Does anyone know how Yahoo keeper leagues work?

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    Default Does anyone know how Yahoo keeper leagues work?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place for this thread. I've seen where yahoo talks about them but i don't see anywhere that you can join one or how to draft in one. How exactly do they work? And when do you sign up for them? I know the general idea of them with keeping players more than one season and all, i just don't know anything about how it works on Yahoo.

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    Default Re: Does anyone know how Yahoo keeper leagues work?

    There's an area in the commish tools that allow to set the keepers before the draft. It used to be that you had to draft offline to do keepers unless you paid for a Plus League.

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    Default Re: Does anyone know how Yahoo keeper leagues work?

    We may have a need for an owner in a keeper league. It's a fee paid league which has been around since 1990. Indy based, 10 team league, pretty good offseason activity (summer FA draft, summer rookie draft, fall FA draft). We have an owner who is a little iffy.

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