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The preseason isn't the regular season. It happens every year - severla players look really good in October and then struggle during the regular season when teams prepare for players, when veterans play harder.

I hope Hibbert is great - but it is way to early to know what he will become
To my knowledge, no one has based any of this on preseason results. To me it's not even an issue of this year. I have a much longer view. It's an issue of risk/reward.

There is little risk to giving the rookies a good dose of PT, and since neither Foster or Nesterovic have their best days ahead of them, there aren't many reasons to give Hibbert as much time. The only reason I would put Nesterovic in a position to get major minutes is to feature him for a contending team in need of a back-up center. Otherwise, let his contract expire and reap the cap space.