Getting to the meat of this is Nesterovic is in the last year of his contract, and while he is a serviceable center, I doubt very much the Pacers are going to commit to him for the long term. Foster, on the other hand, is here for awhile, and it's likely slated eventually for a very solid bench role once Hibbert gets more seasoning. The key to this is where the Pacers will fall in the standings.

I'm tired of mediocrity as a fan. As someone who coaches, I've always believed if the best you can do is mediocrity, go young. It's not a reflection on Foster or Nesterovic. If this Pacers team was going to compete for a championship, I would want Foster in the starting line up right from the start, as I have since the day they let Brad Miller go.

This team isn't going to get to that level.

Hibbert may never be a marquee center, but with his skill set at 7'2", he could be another Rik Smits, just enough of a presence as he becomes a veteran, that you must game plan against him. He will eventually need a body next to him who is at least another defensive presence and at the very least complimentary to his offensive skill set.

Reports are that Hibbert's low post is going to be NBA caliber, and anyone who saw him in college knows he is an excellent passer with a good mid range jump shot. Without a strong low post game, he would be great with an active PF type, such as what Antonio Davis was in his prime, or even an undersized player such as David West.

Moving to Brandon Rush, it would be nice to see him start too, but I would be happy with him being the first wing off the bench. I'd like to see Granger and Dunleavy at the SF and PF positions. Troy Murphy is a horrible defender, and offensively he is merely a spot shooter. Given the defensive deficiency, I'd much rather have Granger guarding bigger players because at least he would create match-up problems on the other end. That would allow Rush to move into the starting SG spot.

While I could see the Pacers going with a more traditional starting line-up, keeping Murphy in there, I would hope the Pacers would throw mediocrity to the wind and make sure Rush plays. The Pacers finally have an heir apparent to Reggie Miller at SG, someone who is young, and someone who can play defense. I hope he doesn't dwindle on the bench for the sake of moving from 35 to 42 wins.

If the Pacers do worse because of it, so be it. They get good experience, and the Pacers get a better shot at a good draft pick. The season won't be wasted because of the experience factor, and players like Ford, Granger, and Dunleavy are young enough that they could still be part of the winning in a couple of years.

If the Pacers come out even, then it's a complete success.