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Thread: Hey Devin, the ball's over here!

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    Ever notice how friendly folks are at a shootin' range??.

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    Default Re: Hey Devin, the ball's over here!

    Wasen't a bad move, I liked it till i saw him running of like a little girl.. dude it's only basketball..

    If i scored over Mark Jackson or had a dribbled between Reggie Millers Legs, I'd think that i would like to act slightly more mature and have a laugh with him about it, intresting.....

    just my 2 Cents..
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    Default Re: Hey Devin, the ball's over here!

    I thought Devin was pretty classy with it. He agreed to play bball with a guy he thought was just some random dude in the park, didn't push it on O, wasn't a jerk on D, then gave the dude props for a nice shot.

    It's pretty clear from watching it that Devin didn't think the guy was for real until after the second score, and they ended the 1-on-1 right there before he got a chance to give some back.

    Funny though.
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