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Thread: Draft Day 10/11

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    Default Draft Day 10/11

    A few final details before we go to our draft tomorrow.

    By now everyone knows I'm starting the clock at 9:00 a.m. Indy time so whoever's up at 9 will need to pick by 9:15. From that point on, each owner will have 15 minutes from the time the last person selected before being skipped.

    A couple of notes: If you are not present on draft day I won't wait 15 minutes to skip you. For that reason, if you're picking for someone else, please announce it, either here or on the draft thread.

    If you are skipped, you can jump in with your pick at any time. Of course you can't take anyone who's been selected, even if that was with a pick that was originally after yours.

    If you need me to pick for you, send me either a PM or e-mail with your list by 8 a.m. tomorrow (Indy time). It would be best if you had a complete list and let me know if you have a strategy. Frex, if you get one of your centers listed in the 1st rd, take your top ranked guard in the second, etc.

    Last year we finished this by Noon, far surpassing my expectations. Hopefully we can do as well this year.

    There are no trades during the draft. As soon as I get the players entered on, it's open season.

    If you have any questions, please post them on this thread.
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    Default Re: Draft Day 10/11

    I won't be around, so I sent you a contingency list, DK.
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    Default Re: Draft Day 10/11

    workin on it.

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    Default Re: Draft Day 10/11

    Well, my wife is sick so likely I will be hauling a kid to a 9:45 dance class and I won't be on until 10:15 or so.

    I'll PM a list.

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    Default Re: Draft Day 10/11

    if anyone needs someone to do there List, I can assist, i have a clear of whom i need and conflict of intrest shouldn't be a problem.. just throwing it out there as a back up...
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    Default Re: Draft Day 10/11

    I'm going to try to do this from my phone.

    I'm assuming I'll have some kind of connectivity at the volleyball game.

    If somebody could PM me when it's my turn, that would be great.

    I'll take my list with me.
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    Default Re: Draft Day 10/11

    Jesus I'm hear. And tired.

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