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Thread: Plea for some offseason action!

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    Default Plea for some offseason action!

    Dear Post Reader,

    If the Front office (like us) is worrying about our 11th and 12th man at this point. I think we have no chance of improving our team.

    How many potential projects is it going to take before we realize we aren't a minor league baseball team? We aren't a farm team. We are a professional basketball team... No... a GREAT basketball team. Yet, we always fall short because of inexperience due to these "hype engines". I say "one season at a time" because the future isn't coming any faster. We need experienced and proven players in order to become a championship caliber team.

    I'm tired of cheering on the team that beats us to go against the west.

    I, myself want to see solutions this year. If we can't come up with anything more than another "future star" draft pick and a couple of mediocre FAs. I will be very surprised and disappointed in the Pacers front office.

    I know Donnie and Larry have it in them to pull off a few moves this offseason. Let's hope they can bring us closer to (and hopefully into) the NBA Championship Winners Circle. I've been waiting a long time... I know everyone else here has to see Reggie and the rest of the Pacers hold up that trophy.

    If anyone agrees/disagrees with me then feel free to share your opinion on the championship team construction process.

    How would YOU handle this offseason if you were GM?

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    Default Re: Plea for some offseason action!

    Who are the 11th and 12th men we are worrying about.

    As I see it the 12th man is Pollard, and no one is worried him and the 11th man was Kenny Anderson, and I have not seen his name mentioned once this whole week.

    Yet, we always fall short because of inexperience due to these "hype engines".

    You think that is the reason why we fell short? See I look at this team as three years in the making, and this is the first year we had a chance to do much in the playoffs

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    Default Re: Plea for some offseason action!

    1. Well Considering Pollard and Anderson are gone. (Which they probably will be). Better yet I should have really referred to Brezec and James Jones as 13th 14th or 15th men

    But oh well... I just think it's really nonsense to worry about the expansion draft when the pacers are probably focused on other issues. Nothing to really worry about there IMHO.

    2. Well Yes and No... I think without the injuries we could have possibly pulled it off and beat the Pistons, but I think our stable of young "potential" players haven't seen enough experience to take control of a series with a team like the Pistons. Even though small glimpses were seen through-out the playoffs that we have something big growing. I just think we should let some of those players blossom in other places instead of wasting away on our bench because we're overstocked.

    I'd just like to see more knowledgable keys to the team right now that can handle the pressure of a Pistons-esque series. That is why I'd like to see more veterans or experienced players on the team. I don't like the feeling of having to worry about if the whole team is gonna show up and win. I wanna have a team with confidence to know that they're the best the NBA has to offer. The Pacers have a taste of that... I think it's just time to go for the main course. Some pieces are missing and need to be filled is all I'm getting at.

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