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Thread: Check the site daily

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    Default Check the site daily

    I've mentioned this more times then I can count.

    Please log in daily to the league site

    People are putting up players for position votes & only 13, 14 or 15 votes are being cast. That means to me that about 25% of the league isn't checking in at least once a day.

    These votes are up for 24 hours so theres little reason not to check in and vote.

    When putting a player up for a position change, the more info you can provide the better your chances are of it passing. If you want to cut & paste an article onto the site's trash talk board, that would support your argument, go for it.

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    Default Re: Check the site daily

    just to clarify - i check the site daily but have not casted my vote yet as I believe its too early to vote on such things - hence I hold my vote in favor or against these position updates.

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