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Thread: Check your rosters

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    Default Check your rosters

    I just spent a few minutes looking over everyones lineups on the roster page of the site.

    I sent out a few comments via a little trick that I came up with. Its a private message sent in the form of a trade offer.

    For those that are new to the site, setting your lineup correctly is very important.

    If you have a player in the wrong spot in your lineup or listed as a FG when he could help you more as a GF, it could cost you points, a game or a spot in the playoffs.

    Please take a few moments to review your roster & how you have your players positioned & listed.

    If you need some fine examples you could check out Burnzone's or Rimfire's rosters.

    If you need any help or have some questions, PM me, e-mail me or post them here.


    I can't wait to get started.

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    Default Re: Check your rosters

    Thanks Jose for the comment, shuffled my lineup as you recommended and switched the order around (dunno, shouldnt be that much difference but meh).

    I can't wait neither. I looked and there still are a couple of people who haven't changed anything around since the draft.

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    Default Re: Check your rosters

    Yeah, I've been putting this off because I didn't want to have to cut someone I spent a somewhat high draft pick on. Stupid injury bug...
    You, Never? Did the Kenosha Kid?

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