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    Default ABA Keeper League Draft Thread, 2008

    This is the official ABA Keeper League Draft Thread. All Owners, please make your selections in this thread.

    Hopefully by now everyone has had a chance to look over the protected list and draft order I sent out yesterday.

    There will be no clock until 9 a.m. Indy time on Saturday, October 11. Up to that point, pick at your own pace. I will be starting the draft in a few minutes on so owners can see what positions players are listed at and also as another way of seeing what players are available. Do NOT draft on - all picks are to be made on PD.

    Here's the draft order - I believe I have all the team names changed to reflect the current season:

    Rd 1

    1. Amsterdam - Michael Beasley
    2. London - Derrick Rose
    3. Denton - OJ Mayo
    4. Charlie - Danilo Gallinari
    5. Dark - Kevin Love
    6. West Lafayette - Jamaal Tinsley
    7. Bangkok - Jerry Bayless
    8. Indiana - Roy Hibbert
    9. St. Somewhere - JaVale McGee
    10. Fiat_Yamaha - Russell Westbrook
    11. Canadian - Eric Gordon
    12. Las Vegas - Brook Lopez
    13. Amsterdam - DJ Augustin
    14. Union City - Brandon Rush
    15. Las Vegas - Marc Gasol
    16. Gnawbone - Ramon Sessions
    17. Bad News - Thabo Sefolosha
    18. New Castle - Joe Alexander

    Rd 2

    19. Nash City - Damien Wilkins
    20. London
    21. Canadian - Jason Thompson
    22. Charlie - Brandan Wright
    23. Dark - Mario Chalmers
    24. West Lafayette - John Salmons
    25. Bangkok - Marreese Speights
    26. Indiana - Wilson Chandler
    27. St. Somewhere - Luther Head
    28. Fiat_Yamaha - Courtney Lee
    29. Canadian - JR Smith
    30. Cedar City - Robin Lopez
    31. Nash City - Rashad McCants
    32. Union City - Nate Robinson
    33. Cedar City - Anthony Randolph
    34. Gnawbone - Chris Anderson
    35. Bad News - Oleksiy Pecherov
    36. Venice - JJ Hickson
    37. New Castle - Chris Douglas-Roberts

    Rd 3

    38. Amsterdam - Corey Brewer
    39. London
    40. Denton - Darrel Arthur
    41. Charlie - Rasho Nesterovich
    42. Dark - Goran Dragic
    43. West Lafayette - Etan Thomas
    44. Bangkok - Channing Frye
    45. Indiana - Bill Walker
    46. St. Somewhere - Alando Tucker
    47. Fiat_Yamaha - Bobby Brown
    48. Canadian - No pick
    49. Las Vegas - Antoine Wright
    50. Nash City - Desagna Diop
    51. Union City - Kelenna Azuibuke
    52. Cedar City - C.J. Watson
    53. Gnawbone - Shaun Livingston
    54. Bad News
    55. Venice - Ian Mahimni
    56. New Castle - Kwame Brown

    And here are the protected players - keep in mind the NBA team listing is as of last season so those aren't 100% accurate. I've left off the positions - check for what they're listed at. These are the folks you CAN'T draft.

    Protected List

    Aldridge** POR**
    Allen** BOS**
    Alston** HOU**
    Anthony** DEN**
    Arenas** WAS**
    Ariza** LAL**
    Artest** SAC**
    Banks** MIA**
    Barbosa** PHO**
    Bargnani** TOR**
    Barnes** GSW**
    Bass** DAL**
    Bibby** ATL**
    Biedrins** GSW**
    Billups** DET**
    Blake** POR**
    Blatche** WAS**
    Bogut** MIL**
    Boone** NJN**
    Boozer** UTA**
    Bosh** TOR**
    Brand** LAC**
    Brewer** UTA**
    Bryant** LAL**
    Butler** WAS**
    Bynum** LAL**
    Calderon** TOR**
    Camby** DEN**
    Carter** NJN**
    Chandler** NOR**
    Collison** SEA**
    Conley** MEM**
    Crawford** NYK**
    Curry** NYK**
    Dalembert** PHI**
    Dampier** DAL**
    Daniels** WAS**
    Davis** GSW**
    Deng** CHI**
    Diaw** PHO**
    Duncan** SAS**
    Dunleavy** IND**
    Durant** SEA**
    Ellis** GSW**
    Farmar** LAL**
    Felton** CHA**
    Fernández** *FA**
    Ford** TOR**
    Foster** IND**
    Foye** MIN**
    Garcia** SAC**
    Garnett** BOS**
    Gasol** LAL**
    Gay** MEM**
    Ginobili** SAS**
    Gomes** MIN**
    Gooden** CLE**
    Gordon** CHI**
    Granger** IND**
    Gray** CHI**
    Green** SEA**
    Hamilton** DET**
    Harrington** GSW**
    Harris** NJN**
    Haslem** MIA**
    Hawes** SAC**
    Haywood** WAS**
    Hilario** DEN**
    Hill** PHO**
    Hinrich** CHI**
    Horford** ATL**
    Howard** ORL**
    Howard** DAL**
    Hughes** CLE**
    Iguodala** PHI**
    Ilgauskas** CLE**
    Iverson** DEN**
    Jack** POR**
    Jackson** GSW**
    James** CLE**
    Jamison** WAS**
    Jefferson** NJN**
    Jefferson** MIN**
    Jianlian** MIL**
    Johnson** ATL**
    Johnson** DET**
    Kaman** LAC**
    Kidd** DAL**
    Kirilenko** UTA**
    Kleiza** DEN**
    Landry** HOU**
    Law** ATL**
    Lee** NYK**
    Lewis** ORL**
    Lowry** MEM**
    Maggette** LAC**
    Magloire** NJN**
    Marbury** NYK**
    Marion** MIA**
    Martin** SAC**
    Martin** DEN**
    Maxiell** DET**
    May** CHA**
    McDyess** DET**
    McGrady** HOU**
    Milicic** MEM**
    Miller** SAC**
    Miller** MEM**
    Miller** PHI**
    Millsap** UTA**
    Ming** HOU**
    Moon** TOR**
    Morrison** CHA**
    Murphy** IND**
    Najera** DEN**
    Nash** PHO**
    Nelson** ORL**
    Noah** CHI**
    Nocioni** CHI**
    Nowitzki** DAL**
    Oden** POR**
    Odom** LAL**
    Okafor** CHA**
    Okur** UTA**
    Oneal** MIA**
    Oneal** IND**
    Outlaw** POR**
    Pachulia** ATL**
    Parker** SAS**
    Paul** NOR**
    Perkins** BOS**
    Peterson** NOR**
    Pierce** BOS**
    Pietrus** GSW**
    Powe** BOS**
    Price** UTA**
    Prince** DET**
    Radmanovic** LAL**
    Randolph** NYK**
    Redd** MIL**
    Richardson** CHA**
    Richardson** NYK**
    Ridnour** SEA**
    Rondo** BOS**
    Roy** POR**
    Scola** HOU**
    Simmons** MIL**
    Smith** ATL**
    Smith** MIN**
    Smith** CHI**
    Stojakovic** NOR**
    Stoudemire** PHO**
    Stuckey** DET**
    Szczerbiak** SEA**
    Telfair** MIN**
    Terry** DAL**
    Thomas** SAS**
    Thomas** CHI**
    Thornton** LAC**
    Turiaf** LAL**
    Turkoglu** ORL**
    Udrih** SAC**
    Varejão** CLE**
    Villanueva** MIL**
    Wade** MIA**
    Wallace** DET**
    Wallace** CHI**
    Wallace** CHA**
    Walton** LAL**
    Warrick** MEM**
    Watson** SEA**
    Wells** HOU**
    West** NOR**
    West** SEA**
    Wilcox** SEA**
    Williams** ATL**
    Williams** NJN**
    Williams** NJN**
    Williams** MIL**
    Williams** SAC**
    Williams** UTA**
    Williams** PHI**
    Wright** NOR**
    Young** PHI**
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