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Thread: Your thought on the Pacers Bench This season

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    Default Your thought on the Pacers Bench This season

    I know the starting roster has not been set in stone but I think our bench will be great this season. I see the bench as follows: I also feel these guys will get minutes.

    Jarret Jack he brings Defense, strenghth, and hustle

    Jeff Foster a staple for our organization for years

    Shawne Williams I expect him to come in and be instant offense. I really believe Shawn will have a great season this year and prove Larry Bird knows what he doing, that is why Bird drafted HIM.

    Q6 I am very excited for the defensive tandem that is him and Jarret Jack in the backcourt. I hope we can use Q6 and his reach to pressure the ball from the point of inbounds after we score the ball.

    Let me know if you think Rush will get more PT than Williams?

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    Default Re: Your thought on the Pacers Bench This season

    I'm curious to see what we do with Williams. He's certainly not getting press, and I almost feel like they're waiting to ship him out the door soon, like Tinsley.

    If he is here, it will be interesting to see who gets the most time at the wings between Daniels, Williams, and Rush.

    Personally I want Daniels to never see time ahead of either Williams or Rush.

    I think we have a good bench.

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    Default Re: Your thought on the Pacers Bench This season

    Good is as high as I go.

    We don't have a change of pace scorer off of the bench that we know of. He have contributing bodies that, when thrown into a lineup with our starters are average at best.

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    Default Re: Your thought on the Pacers Bench This season bench consists of the following:

    PG - Ford
    SG - Dunelavy
    SF - Granger
    PF - Murphy
    C - Rasho

    6th or 7th Man - Jack or Foster ( depending on need )
    8th Man - Marquis over Rush ( 10-15 mpg : depending on the need )
    9th Man - Hibbert ( 10-15 mpg )

    When we need a PG/SG to come off the bench....the 1st one that will sub in will be Jack. When either Dunleavy or Granger needs to sit....Jack will sub in...and Dunleavy or Granger will be our SF on the floor.

    When we need a PF/C to come off the bench....the 1st one that will sub in will be Foster. When either Murphy or Rasho needs to sit....Foster will sub in. If Murphy is the one that sits....then Foster will be the "de facto" PF paired with Rasho as the Center....if Rasho sits.....Foster will be the "de facto" Center with Murphy as the PF on the floor.

    This leaves the 8th and 9th rotational players to play about 10-15 minutes each at the SG/SF and PF/C rotations. As to who will get those minutes....I really think that JO'B will decide who gets the minutes based off of matchups and needs. My hope is that the 8th and 9th rotational players would Rush and Hibbert. But my guess is that Hibbert will be the bulk of the 9th player off the bench....with Marquis ( mostly getting the nod over Rush...but depending on need ) at the 8th player spot.
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