When I screw up I go all out too.

Heres the story.

Adam1987, a fine poster & contributor here on PD was more than a little lax in keeping up with his IKL team. Long story short, I dropped him from the league.

Well, I've found a replacement, Robertmto has agreed to step in in the middle of our draft & take control of team Bloomington.

So far in this story I've not done to much wrong. At least nothing completely 100% stupid.

But this is where the story takes a very ugly turn.

I went on to our league site & decided to drop Adam1987 from our league.

B. A. D. move

I dropped Adam1987 alright but since the draft is in progress I'm not able to add his replacement, Robertmto.

We're currently stuck with 17 teams in an 18 team league.

Wait, this gets better.

I can fix this, trust me, I really can.

I have to restart the draft!

I will not do this until we complete all 216 of our draft picks here in the PD IKL draft thread.

The re-start will not change the draft order we're currently using. We will keep making our picks in the exact same order, in the exact same method & in the exact same thread as we are now.

As far as our draft goes.... absolutly nothing will change.

The order shown on the sport.ws site's draft board will be different but it will not change until our draft is complete.

The only way I can add a new team is in the middle of the re-starting of the draft process.

So... we keep doing what we're doing & after our draft is finished I'll log onto the site, re-start our draft, then enter the players that each of us has chosen here.

So thats my big FUBAR today.