Since I didn't add the option in the last poll but it was mentioned in the thread I wanted to get a better feel what you thought.

9 out of the 14 that voted in the last poll voted for 1 of 2 options, a 12 hour or 24 hour per pick draft clock.

We are using a 24 hour draft clock in the IKL & we've used it in the ABA in the past. You guys are all familiar with how it works. The 12 hour draft clock is the same deal, just shorter.

The option that wasn't included in the poll is for a 24 hour "time bank" for each team. The way it works is rather simple. Each team gets a total of upto 24 hours to select all 12 draft picks. If it takes you 3 hours to make your first pick then you have 21 hours for your 11 remaining picks. Its my understanding that once your 24 hours has been used, you get skipped.

Because I'm not 100% sure that the draft problems that we experienced in the IKL draft have been corrected, I would rather not set the draft date too far into October. I mentioned October 4th in the other thread & for the most part the only objections were that it might be too early. I don't recall anyone saying that the 4th was a date they couldn't make. So, I'd like to make October 4th the offical start of the draft.

The ABA draft will take place on the site

Please vote on what option on the draft clock you would rather have. This poll will be open until next Sunday night.

Majority rules

If you have questions or would like to make your case for one option over the other two, have at it.