Feisty (Foster), Hulk (David Harrison), and now Franchise (Roy Hibbert) are the only ones that come to mind. Although some people have been throwing around the Smooth for Dunleavy recently, I just don't see it. I mean, there are abbreviations that get around, but they are pretty self-explanatory: Murphleavy (usually in reference to their contracts and/or the GS trade), Dun-Dun, JT, Hibby, Quis (and the threesy variety), JO, Jax (used for both Mark and Stephen Jackson), SJax, Cro, AJ, Big Al etc. Any references to "Fingers" are not basketball related, and we'll leave it at that. The Black Hole can refer to any number of past Pacer players, but it is most often applied to Al Harrington or JO due to the fact that passes thrown to them (in the post) are rarely returned (or seen again). Jamaal Tinsley, aka the Tinman, has also been known by several disparaging nicknames; "Mel Mel the Abuser" from his street ball days and "Dustpan" thanks to his janitorial efforts at the brawl are just two that come to mind.

Lastly, "Skip to my Lou" is Raefer Alston, and Sasha Vujacic desperately wants to be known as "The Machine", but no one is foolish enough to give a nickname to a player of such little significance.