Based on talk out of Indiana and New York, the Heat soon could be facing two decisions in its convoluted situation at point guard.

With Indiana's Jamaal Tinsley, the situation is pretty basic. If the Pacers are willing to take on Marcus Banks, a deal quickly could be consummated. If the Pacers remain focused on Udonis Haslem, the conversations will remain cursory.

With New York's Stephon Marbury, the issue is a bit more clouded. Unlike Indiana, which insists it will not buy out Tinsley at anything short of pennies on the dollar, New York apparently is moving closer to an outright release of Marbury, at least that's the latest from The New York Times.

If Marbury is waived, the Heat would be first in position to make a waiver claim, because of its league-worst 2007-08 record. Of course, lacking the cap space or financial interest in such a move, the Heat, like each of the other 28 remaining teams, would have to wait until Marbury clears waivers.

Adding Marbury in free agency would mean also remaining on the hook for Banks' three remaining seasons, as well as having four point guards in camp, when counting Marbury, Banks, Mario Chalmers and Chris Quinn.

Common sense would say that if Marbury truly wants to regain his stature, the Heat would be the most logical landing point. Where else, perhaps beyond Indiana, would he have as solid a chance to emerge as an opening-night starter?

Yet is that where a team of the future should be headed? It's a tough call. At a point in the post-Shaq era when the Heat is trying to get everything to again be about team, is adding a veteran trying to resurrect his personal star the way to go?

A tough call? Certainly. But one the Heat soon might have to make.