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Thread: IKL & ABA Updates (ABA league is filled)

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    Default IKL & ABA Updates (ABA league is filled)

    Sorry to put these in the same thread but most of this has a bearing on both leagues anyway.


    The draft is going slowly but it will be finished in plenty of time.

    If you don't get a chance to annouce your pick it would be very helpful for you to send me a short list of players so I can annouce your pick while you're away.

    The fantasy site has not corrected the errors we had in the early part of our draft. The game plan now is to complete the draft here on Pacers Digest & then I'll go in & assign the players to the correct teams.


    The draft is on hold until I get some kind feedback from about the problems we've had with the IKL draft.

    We're still a player short but Kerosene logged onto Pacers Digest late lastnight so I'm hopeful that he will sign up & complete our league with 20 teams within a day or two.

    If anyone from either league has any questions, comments or suggestions.... heres your chance.

    As always, thanks

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