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Thread: Just got power back...

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    Default Just got power back...

    Haven't had any since Sunday.

    Based on the lack of threads about it, can I assume that you guys didn't have this problem in Indy? Or are people still out of power?
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    Default Re: Just got power back...

    I had no power from about 4:30PM until 5:30AM Monday. Then it went out again last night for a different reason, so I went to bed early. It's been up since I've been awake.

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    Default Re: Just got power back...

    I lost power for a couple of hours Sunday afternoon but that was it.

    I missed the winning kick in the Colt game but saw the end of the late games.

    I'm NE of the city (Indianapolis).

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    Default Re: Just got power back...

    My parents outside of Connersville had no power from 4:30pm Sunday to 2:00pm Monday. Power was out in most of the county.
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    Default Re: Just got power back...

    Mine flickered a few times, but only went totally down for no more than a few seconds.
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    Default Re: Just got power back...

    It was mostly customers of Duke Energy (AEP) that were/are without longest. Indianapolis Power and Light had much shorter outages, and clients of Parke County REMC (west of Indy where I live) had, I think, none. Is that right?

    Doggone Ike blew the weather station off the roof. (By weather station, I mean the combination wind vane, rain gauge, barometer, etc. that is mounted on my house, not the cable channel that gives the forecast). I was looking forward to seeing what the top gust was, but instead the whole vane flew off the roof into the yard, and only registered about 40mph.
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    Default Re: Just got power back...

    Power out here from sometime Sunday (I wasn't home Sunday) until about 1 hr ago.

    I have a motel room in town now thru in the morning. Don't know whether to head that way and check out or wait and see if the power being back on is permanent...

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