Might it not be a good idea to make an excell file with every: team -> teamowner (PD-name that is) -> e-mail address?

I would have no problem making such a list for everyone, but I have no idea which e-mail address belongs to which team and teamowner, atleast not for everyone that is.

So, in other words you can PM or e-mail me your e-mail address, team name and PD name, I will edit it into a small file and I will hand it out to everyteam owner once it is complete...

I could also edit the excell spreadsheet from Rim which details which team has which players and simply add the corresponding PD-name and e-mail address to the team.

I'm ok with doing that and sending it around, but again I would have to know all the names, e-mail addresses and corresponding teamnames from everyone.

The pro-from this would be that you get a better overview which player belongs to which team and which PD-member and it's simpler to e-mail or PM then IMO, might be good for negotiations in the league aswell.