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Thread: tinsley to philly; murphy to charlotte; dunleavy to utah

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    Default tinsley to philly; murphy to charlotte; dunleavy to utah

    haven't posted here in a while, but now i'm back with a vengeance! 3 trade ideas for the offseason:

    1) tinsley + shawne to philly for reggie evans + willie green

    tinsley gives philly a good backup to andre miller and is also insurance in case miller walks next year. evans and green were rotation players for philly last year, but evans will see his role reduced with the addition of brand and green is likely to lose minutes with the emergence of louis williams and thad young.

    both players though would be useful additions to the pacers, adding depth to the pf and sg spots.

    contract wise, philly has the slight advantage. tinsley is owed $21m over the next 3 years while evans and green combined are owed ~$26m over the next 3. shawne of course is on rookie contract.

    2) murphy to charlotte for nazr mohammed and sean may

    charlotte needs a starting pf, and troy murphy should pair nicely with emeka okafor. murphy's contract is pretty hefty though, but charlotte sending away nazr's 3 years $20m helps make up for it. sean may is something of a project at this stage - if he can overcome his injuries (and his lack of defense), he may still become a useful nba player.

    for the pacers, this basically works out as a salary dump - trade murph for a cheaper less useful player.

    deal also works if charlotte includes adam morrison instead of sean may, but i don't think charlotte is ready to give up on ammo yet. morrison would also be a better fit for the pacers' roster if trade #3 goes through...

    3) dunleavy + rasho to utah for kirilenko

    some variation of this trade has been mentioned before but i think it makes sense. utah desperately needs to clear some salary if they hope to re-sign boozer next summer (assuming he opts out, which is almost a given). rasho gives them luxury tax headroom to sign boozer, while dunleavy gives them a better fit at sf than ak.

    in the end, pacers depth chart will look like this:

    c: foster / hibbert / nazr
    pf: ak / evans / baston / may
    sf: danny / graham
    sg: rush / green / quis
    pg: ford / jack / diener

    i think it's somewhat more balanced. scoring wise, the loss of dunleavy and murphy will hurt, but the team will be much improved defensively. hopefully dunleavy's 19 ppg could be made up for by b rush and green.

    financially, the pacers actually take in more money than they send out, despite sending out the contracts of murphy, dunleavy, and tinsley, but other than kirilenko, the rest of the contracts (nazr, evans, green) are smaller pieces than should be easier to move if needed.

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    Default Re: tinsley to philly; murphy to charlotte; dunleavy to utah

    Philly isnt going to want Tinsley, they already have Miller and Williams.

    AK47 is making over $15 million for the next 3 seasons and is often injured...ill pass

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