I'll start the draft around 9 o'clock Saturday morning.

Since the draft order will be determined by the computer at the start of the draft there is no way of knowing who will draft when, until that time.

Since that is the case... Please make an effort to be on the Sports.ws site at that time, incase you have an early draft pick

Also.... we will be using a 24 hour draft clock

This means when the person just ahead of you in the draft order, makes his selection, you will have up to 24 hours to make your pick.

I know we have about 6 weeks to complete the draft but please try to be ready as your selection is nearing. There will be many that will become board & frustrated with those that tend to take too long to make a pick.

Finally, I will be on line as much as possible during the draft, both here as well as the Sports.ws site. If you need help with something or have a question, please send me a PM or post it on the trash talk board.