OK Everyone - I have 7 owners who haven't given me a draft day preference but they've had about a week and unless pretty much all of them vote for something else we have a clear favorite.

We'll start the draft at 9 a.m. Indy time on Saturday, October 11. Protected Lists will be due to me by the evening of Saturday, October 4. I am gone the 6-8 so I definitely need your PL's on time so I can get those put together and sent back out to everyone.

So far I have nobody who says he can't make it the 11th. If you can't, same as before - I'll be happy to draft for you or you can find another owner to make your picks.

Last year we held the draft here on PD and it went amazingly well. You can view the thread here:

We need to decide whether to have it on here again or hold it on the site. The only advantage of having it on the site is that once the draft starts you'll be able to make trades. I'm sorry, but since I'm usually drafting for multiple teams I'm just not up for trying to keep track of trades while the draft is going on.

The advantage of holding it here is that, while the clock won't start until the morning of the 11th, I'll probably go ahead and open the draft as soon as I e-mail out the PL's. Might as well get a start on it, right? I may be able to do that on the site - it's been 3 years since I ran a draft there but I believe I can change the clock in mid-draft. I'd just need enough time to enter all the rosters and draft picks before I leave Monday.

I'm going to post a commissioner poll on the league site on where you want the draft. That vote will basically be open until the 4th. Feel free to cuss and discuss it here.