Well this is my first ever post on the Pacers board, but i have been reading most of your posts for a while now. I am a fan from Dallas, Texas and have purchased tickets for when they play the Mavs down here mainly because one of my cousins plays for you guys now. Mike Dunleavy is my 2nd cousin and his grandparents live down here in Fort Worth so I grew up playing basketball with him at their house. He is a great kid who always played when he was young. I know he got a bad wrap in Oakland about being stuck up and always pointing the finger at someone else. I can tell you first hand I know his family very well and they would never raise a kid that way. Oakland's fans are very fickle about who they route for basically because they only get their facts from media reports who always are extremely biased. Well it is nice meeting you guys and I am one of those people who will post like crazy. I have league pass so I follow every Pacers game down here and have been at least since Dunleavy arrived. I am sorry if that makes me a bandwagon fan, but I truly do love this board no matter who is playing for the Pacers!