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Thread: Peyton Will Practice Tomorrow

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    Default Peyton Will Practice Tomorrow

    Well this is a good sign if it's true.

    Quote Originally Posted by AOL Sports
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    Peyton Manning To Practice Tomorrow

    Matt SnyderPosted Aug 25th 2008 2:15PM by Matt Snyder (author feed)
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    The Colts have been awful in the preseason thus far on offense. Just brutal.

    First of all, I'll remind everyone that doesn't live here in Indy that this usually means the team is right on track. They never win preseason games (0-5 the year they won it all, as a matter of fact ... and that looks realistic right now). It's actually gotten to the point that many Colts fans hope for losses in the exhibition games. A superstitious rite of passage for en route to each successful regular season, if you will.

    This year things were a bit different, though. With Peyton Manning on the sidelines, the fans were hoping to see some life from the offense, just in case the future Hall-of-Famer isn't ready when the season begins. What they saw wasn't pretty, but it shall soon be rendered meaningless.

    Manning is going to practice tomorrow. Sure, it's going to be a test for him ...

    "I think we'll ease him in and see how he practices and what he's able to do and we'll see from there,'' (Head Coach Tony) Dungy said.

    ... but it's Peyton Manning. He doesn't miss games. I don't see any way he's not ready to go against the Bears on September 7th, in the regular season christening of the mammoth Lucas Oil Stadium. He's just too much a competitor to not make that game.

    If you saw what J.T. O'Sullivan did to the Bears intact starting defense last Thursday night, you can do the math. Things should get ugly in the new digs. Ugly in a good way for the blue and white.

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    Default Re: Peyton Will Practice Tomorrow

    Thank 8lb 5 oz little baby Jesus.

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