Was invited to a cocktail party at Conseco monday at the Legends (I figured a much smaller version of the private party they put on at the Morway's) and the email invitation said Larry Bird, Coach O'Brien, and David Morway would all be there to mingle and talk about the team. As I've purchased a ticket package for the last several years, I figured it was to get everyone to buy this year and I was OK with that, but then none of them showed up.

Quinn Buckner and the pacers annoucer did a Q and A which was nice, but again I wouldn't have come all that way if I had known we were all going to be stood up.

I was going to get a ticket package anyway...but this just was kind of poor form, especially when you are desparate to get fans back.

Was just disappointed in what appeared to be a 'bait and switch', as the sales reps didn't appear surprised at the no show from all 3.