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Thread: OT-Briggsy's Pizza King isn't dead, they just moved!

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    Default OT-Briggsy's Pizza King isn't dead, they just moved!

    They had some circumstances that worked in their favor and they simply moved locations and became "Pizza King Geist". They are in the Kroger plaza at 82nd St and Fall Creek Rd. We were bored here at the hotel and looked up the closest PK to us and it still showed Briggsy's on 82nd St. in the Castleton mall area. The forum parties were held there, as the majority of you know from attending far more of them than I have. The owners are very cool, and were always cool when we stopped in before heading home. The owner lady/waitress got to know my friend Matt and I by our faces and the conversations we had while eating there. We would talk about the PD forum parties there, and she would always say that she enjoyed having the group there and was glad they could provide a good place to meet.

    We were sad when they closed, and always wondered what happened to them. Like I said, we were bored this evening, and after checking the maps, we knew that Briggsy's was gone, so we chose the next closest one that happened to be the Geist one. We cruised over and sat down, and here comes our waitress....our girl from Briggsy's! She remembered us too, and they made us a VERY GOOD pizza and we had some great conversation about their relocation and such...I told her that I would take a photo with my phone and post the pic, and write out this story for all at PD. She said to say hello, and tell "Jim" hello because he still frequents their new place too. I would assume that this is Jose Slaughter, who so handily organizes the PD forum parties...Sorry if you didn't want anyone to crack your secret identity!

    Anyway, it was easily in the Top 5 of Best Ideas Ever that Matt has ever had that we cruise over to the PK to grub tonight. Glad we did! The pizza was as good or better than ever, and we will be frequenting them often...

    Here is the shot of the interior:

    As you can tell, they don't have room for a big gathering, but if you are in the Indy area and are looking for the classic concoction that is the heavenly bliss of Pizza King pizza, take a trip out and tell the owners you frequent PD and enjoy good food and conversation from the most hospitable PK in the city!


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    Default Re: OT-Briggsy's Pizza King isn't dead, they just moved!

    Good to see the new place; thanks for the pic!

    At our last party there, she told us they were moving to a smaller place that wouldn't support us, which forced us to move on. I'm glad they're still open at their new place. If they ever get bigger again, I'd love to go back.

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