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Thread: How Do You Prep for 2010 FA's, Yet Court a Team for 2009?

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    Default How Do You Prep for 2010 FA's, Yet Court a Team for 2009?

    I have been hearing, reading, & listening for months now on how 1/2 the league (or more) is clearing space, tweaking rosters, watching signings, & over-hauling their rosters to clear cap space so that they can all make a run at the 5-10 "big guns" that will be "available" in the 2010 signing period, but something that is bothering me.....

    How will teams who have contracts that expire THIS YEAR manage their cap space & still keep key players & court a competative team in 2009?

    Let me use the Miami Heat as exibit A:
    S.Marion, Miami's "big expiring" that is the key piece to help them clear room for 2010 is a FA after THIS YR. There is still 1 more yr after this to play before the 2010 signing period. That means they will have to:
    1) Pay him to keep him beyond t/y - something that will only eat up cap $, or...
    2) Trade him t/y - meaning they will take in contracts, & not many (if any) teams are going to offer contracts that expire after n/y for him, meaning they again take on $, or...
    3) Sign him to a max 1 yr deal - something he will not do, as he will want the $ & security of a long tern deal, or...
    4) Let him walk for nothing, something will not do, nor do I think you can afford to do.
    How do you see them filling their roster for '09 season?

    What deal do you see where they do not add some salery (beyond draft choices - something they could always trade away) between now & then? The way I see it, players that expire after THIS YR only further complicate a teams efforts to clear room for 2010, not help it! Players like M.Daniels from our Pacers who has a Team Option for '09 is something that would seem to be far more desireable then a contract that ends after t/y. Am I wrong in thinking this? How do they expect to spend $0 on contracts between now $ then & still field a team in '09?

    IMO, their best approach ("They", meaning teams needing to keep a big '10 FA's or one wanting to have a core that a big FA's would want to join) is to build up their team NEXT YR, & not wait til 2010. In the example above, If MIA waits til the 2010 off-season to start signing & building a team, Wade is out of there, & they (MIA) will be left w/ Nothing! This would mean players like Rosho/Foster/Daniels/Jack should hold great value to teams MIA. This is also why I do not get the arguments about the 2010 MONEY Tinsley is owed over Banks, & why the TALENT of Tinsley over Banks is so easily dismissed by MIA fans.
    Am I wrong here? Can someone enlighten me further?
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