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Thread: 2008 PD #2 Yahoo fantasy football league....

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    Default 2008 PD #2 Yahoo fantasy football league....

    Hello there, fellow members of the Pacers Digest #2 yahoo league.

    This thread is for discussion leading up to the draft about the best draft date, and time, for the majority of owners.

    After the draft, we can also start threads in here to talk about trades, injuries, or anything relating to the league.

    It's much easier to communicate in here, instead of the small posting area at the bottom of the league page on Yahoo.

    I PM'd Hicks, and gave him the list of members in our league, and asked if he would please unlock the yahoo fantasy league forum for anyone who can't access it already.

    So if you've made it here, and have read this thread, please post below so we know what teams are ready to go.

    I currently have the draft set for this Saturday the 9th, at 3:30 pm, Indiana time, but I can easily re-schedule it, if we need a better date where everyone can make it.

    Don't forget to set your pre-draft rankings for your team, just in case something comes up at the last minute, and you can't make it. Yahoo's default rankings will always draft you a bunk team.

    And also please remember to add a few individual defensive players to your rankings, they will be a part of the roster as well, D, DL, DB.

    I am glad to have you all join, it should be a fun, and competitive league, and an exciting NFL season.
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