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Thread: Keeper league- Shaq available

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    Default Keeper league- Shaq available

    Is he still a premiere center?

    Hell, no.

    Isn't he getting into his twilight years?


    Is he still a 1.00+ fppm center?


    And that's why he can help your team. He's not going to be your #1 center, but he makes a great #2. Now that Terry Porter is coach and Shaq won't have to run those ridiculous high pick and rolls D'Antoni was forcing upon him, he can go back to his more traditional role in the low post where he's comfortable.

    I can tell you from experience that he's a great guy to get you over the championship hump.

    I probably have the oldest squad in our league with Shaq, Hill and Joe Smith. Because of the really ill timed departures of Childress and Krstic, I've had to rethink my team.

    Looking at some of the teams, some of you could use a hump player.

    Venice had the second best record, but doesn't have a solid one two punch to combine with Kaman at C.

    Bad News has Duncan as lead C, then Foyle(?) Pachulia(?) as fall back options. Shaq could be that little bit extra to get you over.

    I picked those two teams as examples because they were the teams with the 2nd and 3rd best records behind Denton. I wanted to show how close they, or YOUR team could be from detroning that poser, Rim.

    I'm looking for a G to tandem with Paul, OR a top 8 draft pick, but I'm open to any kind of deals.

    (To give you a point of reference, I think the trade I made to get Shaq was Marcus Williams/first round pick for Childress and Shaq.)

    Look at the age of your squad overall and see if Shaq would be a fit. There's quite a few teams with a 1-2 years window for a STRONG chance at the title. Shaq might get you there.

    I know the real NBA is still doing some shifting around, but I wanted to put the deal out there to ponder as we get nearer to the draft.

    You can send me a PM or email me at for any trade ideas
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    Default Re: Keeper league- Shaq available

    Actually, it was Shaq & Childress for Chris Wilcox, Marcus Williams and a 1st round pick.

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