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Thread: ABA Update - New teams & time table

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    Default The ABA draft will be delayed

    With any luck the site will be opening up for the 08-09 season within a couple of weeks. I'd like to let everyone know where we are, as of now.

    I'm trying to bring back the most active owners from last year. A few of the guys I wanted back have decided to step away for the coming year. I've also sent out some PM's to former owners who were always active in the league, to gage their interest on returning. Bottom line is, we should have an entire league of active, veteran owners for this season. The league size is all that is in doubt. It could be 20, 22 or 24.

    Ya all know I love list, so here's the 3 that I have.

    Returning for another season

    1 Avoiding the Clowns
    2 Belisimo
    3 Bnd45
    4 Boombaby 33
    5 Bulldog
    6 Burnzone
    7 Displaced Knick
    8 Dr. Badd
    9 Gyron
    10 Jay Redd
    11 Jose Slaughter
    12 Kereosene
    13 Kraft
    14 Lone Granger
    15 Los Angeles
    16 Magic Rat
    17 Pacer Tom
    18 Pig Nash
    19 Shade
    20 Skaut Ech

    Owners I have yet to hear from

    1 Boston Connection
    2 Indy
    3 rm1369
    4 Roaming Gnome

    Non Returing Owners

    Diamond Dave
    Diamond Dave00
    Naptown Menace
    Rcarey - Sweabs
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