"The slowest part of the NBA offseason is approaching.

There are several restricted free agents- Emeka Okafor, Josh Smith and Ben Gordon for example - that have yet to land new contracts, but most of the major offseason moves have already taken place.

The Pacers got their work done in a two-day period in late June.

They're still looking for a new home for point guard Jamaal Tinsley.

That matter may not be resolved until training camp starts in late September.

With that, I'll give you an update on a few tidbits.

--I talked to a person in the organization last week who said Tinsley continues to drop pounds. I still haven't been able to pinpoint the exact number of pounds Tinsley put on. I was told it was more than 20 late in the season.

Pacers president Larry Bird added new wrinkle into things last week when he said he doesn't believe in buying out contracts.

"I think these guys should earn their money. If you can't trade them, let them stay at home," he said on AM-1070. "We're in some situations here where the same people continue to get in trouble. We have to deal with it. We'll deal with it the way we think is appropriate."

A fellow beat writer and I got into a discussion about Tinsley last week. I threw out the notion of what if the Pacers can't find a taker for Tinsley and he's completely in shape by the start of training camp.

The writer said there's no way Tinsley can wear a Pacers uniform again.

I responded, "I don't see Tinsley wearing a Pacers uniform again, especially after some of the comments Bird and coach Jim O'Brien made in the past month, but Bird did say players should earn their money."
Im just glad hes out. From the article, its fair to assume that theres going to be some sort of shake up (considering that Tinsley wont be a Pacer and Bird doesnt beleive in buy outs)