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Thread: 2 trades to get a PF and C

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    Default 2 trades to get a PF and C

    heres 2 trades to being in a PF and C for us:

    Wilcox for Daniels (both have the same years left and make the same amount of money)

    Power Forward
    Charlie V + Ramon Sessions (this was the rookie that almost had a triple double and had a 20 assist night) for Shawne Williams + Graham + Diener.

    After Bird's "thin ice" comments, it doesnt look like Williams will be around. Bird and Morway have been trying to change the attitude and image here in Indy and Williams is just pulling them back. With all the swingmen we have, I dont see Graham getting much mins. Getting Sessions for us will be a good chance to get a really young PG with loads of potential. There were rumors that Bucks were interested in Tinsley, but after they signed Lue, I dont think they'll have much interest in him now (thats why I left him out)

    We're giving up 4 players and getting back 3; since we need to cut down our roster.

    New Roster
    Charlie V/Foster/
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    Default Re: 2 trades to get a PF and C

    Wilcox is a PF.

    I don't want Charlie V.

    I think the Bucks would rather trade Mo Williams than Sessions at this point.
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    Default Re: 2 trades to get a PF and C

    Why would either team makes those moves? Seattle clearly doesn't need a distraction like Quis (not to mention a decrease in talent and creation of a logjam) and the Bucks probably won't give up on Sessions just to get a player who would be third string behind RJ and Desmond Mason.....

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