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Thread: My Tinsley/Williams trade ideas.

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    Default My Tinsley/Williams trade ideas.

    These might all make you want to throw up. You've been warned.

    Tinsley, Williams to Cleveland for Snow's expiring contract and a future 1st.

    Clears them off the books, gets us a pick.

    Cleveland gets more talent in Shawne, and gambles that Tinsley can be rehabilitated under Mike Brown (who "saved" him in the 2003-2004 season from Rick's dog house).


    Tinsley, Williams to Miami for Haslem, either Joel Anthony (C) or Stephane Lasme (Very small PF) for financial filler, and a future pick (probably a second rounder, maybe a first).

    Assuming Miami is at least somewhat interested in Tinsley, which the Star suggests they are, Shawne should be enough of a sweetener to get them to bite, perhaps more than enough, which is why I have them including at least a 2nd round pick.

    Haslem has one less year in his contract than Tinsley.


    Tinsley, Williams to Phoenix for Diaw. Diaw's deal is the same length as Tinsley's, but for more money. We do this to gamble that Diaw can be a starting PF for us. If he's not, it's no worse than eating three more years of JT's contract. Sure, it's more money, but unlikely to be the same off-court/locker room issues. I think it's a gamble that might be worth trying. I'm not sold by any means, but if we were to gamble in this manner, I'd understand.

    Phoenix moves on from Diaw, gets a slightly smaller contract back, a prospect in Williams, and JT could be the veteran to spell Steve Nash (with much worse results, I grant you) from time to time, or for certain games.

    I could see JT falling in line with Shaq and Nash around, plus him not having to take ownership of the team, but merely be one of the cogs.

    I'm shaky on this one, but I can see it.


    By no means am I saying any of these will happen, or necessarily should happen. But I could see them.

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    Default Re: My Tinsley/Williams trade ideas.

    I like the Cleveland deal, and would hope that the pick involved is for next year. I do think that's more value than Cleveland would want to give us, especially for a question mark injury-prone PG and uncertain SF prospect.

    I'd do the Haslem deal, for sure. Not sure Miami would, though.

    I really wouldn't like Diaw. I'm not convinced he can put up the same kind of production he did in the Amare injury season. For that reason, I don't think he's worth the risk and investment that his contract comes with.

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    Default Re: My Tinsley/Williams trade ideas.

    This isn't as glamorous as your ideas Hicks but it'd be a great trade!

    Tinsley and Williams to Memphis for Antoine Walker.

    Walker is in the last year of his deal worth 9 million. Also, he's a PF that JOB is familiar with and fond of.

    Memphis would probably rather keep Toine's expiring deal than add another PG and Tinsley's contract but they probably wouldn't mind having local favorite Shawne Williams. The Pacers would probably have to throw in a future 1st rounder for the Griz to bite on this trade.

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    Default Re: My Tinsley/Williams trade ideas.

    williams/tinsley/baston for harrington/wright

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    Default Re: My Tinsley/Williams trade ideas.

    Hicks, those offers do not make me puke, they are realistic. I think we have to be real with ourselves in that we will get back a bad contract for Tinsley, no team is going to give us anything of value for him.

    I mean these people who think we are going to dump Tinsley and Williams and get back Al Harrington and a 20 yr old lottery pick in Branden Wright are in lala land IMO.

    To get rid of Tinsley we are going to have to take back a Jared Jefferies, Marcus Banks, Jerome James, Kenny Thomas type player. A bad contract whose team wants to move him, to think we could get a significant player who some other team would see as a relatively substantial asset is foolish.

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