I'm right there with you UB. It's like some expect a movie to be so based in reality, and anything outside of that reality gets picked over with a fine tooth comb.

If every little detail needs to be answered, like what happened to the Joker after the party scene when Batman and Rachel fall, the movie would take forever. It's almost like it should be done like Vantage Point, and every minute of the action needs to be shown by each character's view so everything will be covered.

I'm sorry, but I go to a movie to be entertained, not informed on every detail. Next thing I know there will be outrage because they don't show them eating or even going to the bathroom.

Obviously there will be holes in every single movie, especially one based on a comic book.

After a while complaints just turn petty, IMHO. Who really cares if the voice Batman uses is too husky for you, or whatever?