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Thread: Travis Henry test positive again

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    Default Travis Henry test positive again

    NFL Source: Travis Henry Tests Positive Again
    Source says former Broncos player tested positive for marijuana
    Last Edited: Friday, 11 Jul 2008, 9:36 AM MDT
    Created: Friday, 11 Jul 2008, 9:11 AM MDT

    Former Denver Broncos running back Travis Henry. Team Photo. SideBar


    By Josina Anderson
    FOX 31 Sports reporter

    DENVER ( - A highly-placed NFL source says former Denver Broncos running back Travis Henry has tested positive again for marijuana.

    FOX 31 Sports reporter Josina Anderson learned about the positive test late Thursday night.

    That information came from the same highly-placed NFL source that broke news of failed drug tests by both Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams and Henry to FOX 31 in the past.

    “He is coming up for a year suspension,” the source told Josina Anderson.

    This is the second time Henry is facing a possible one-year suspension from the NFL.

    On December 4, 2007, the 29-year-old Henry successfully appealed a previous positive marijuana test result of 21 nanograms/milliliter. Henry’s attorneys demonstrated a lapse in the NFL’s discovery process when the league failed to turn over all of Henry’s test results from within a two-week period of his offending sample.

    Steve Zissou, one of Henry’s attorneys at the time, told Fox 31 Sports that Henry had a negative test result four days prior to testing positive as well.

    “There are false positives in the world of testing,” Zissou said at that time.

    Now Henry faces a long road of defending himself again should he choose to do so.

    Henry again can appeal, and has five days after receiving an official notice of violation to make that determination. If his appeal is denied, the one-year-long suspension would be effective immediately.

    Henry could file for reinstatement 60 days prior to the end of a suspension.

    “I was told this result is recent. [Henry] should already be informed. If he didn’t know, he knows now,” said the source.

    NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said, "We don't comment on reports about drug tests. We just comment on suspensions."

    Henry previously served a four-game suspension after violating the league’s substance abuse policy in September 2005 as a member of the Tennessee Titans.

    The Broncos signed Henry to a five-year, $22.5 million dollar contract in March 2007, but Henry was hindered by injuries in his only season in Denver.

    When a hamstring injury prevented Henry from participating in passing camp in late May of this year, Broncos coach Mike Shanahan cited inconsistency as a reason for cutting him days later in June.

    "He's just too inconsistent as a person. When you're too inconsistent as a person, you usually aren't going to win championships," Shanahan said then.

    "I'm not going to get into details what he did do or didn't do. You have to do little things. If you don't do the little things, obviously you can't count on somebody. So that's why he's released."

    The highly-placed source could not confirm to FOX 31 sports late Thursday night whether the Broncos were aware of another positive test in the pipeline at the time they cut Henry.

    “I’m not sure,” said the source.

    “The Broncos have no comment,” said Denver Broncos spokesman Jim Saccomano early Friday morning.

    Multiple calls to Henry’s agent Hadley Englehard’s office went unreturned. An attempt to reach him again Friday morning went unanswered prior to print.

    A call to the cell number Henry possessed at the time he was a Bronco consistently went to voicemail.

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    Default Re: Travis Henry test positive again

    Pretty Soon his weed will have more seeds than him.

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    Default Re: Travis Henry test positive again

    Steve Zissou, one of Henry’s attorneys at the time...
    I'd smoke weed too if this guy was my attorney...

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    Default Re: Travis Henry test positive again

    Well this is just an absolute shocker!

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