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Thread: Josh Boone to Ind for Shawne Williams

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    Default Josh Boone to Ind for Shawne Williams

    before i begin i'm letting PD fans know that this is my friend's idea.

    here it goes.

    as we shipped JO out and brought some guys who really isn't a starting bigman, we have a need in 4 and 5 position. McRoberts and Baston might have a chance to get quite a minute just because of the circumstance not because of their ability. so we need a back-up who we could trust. as the this years draft went on some of the teams got stacked up with bigmans(though if you ask me are they better than Baston and McRoberts than i have no clue) and one of the team is Nets. there big man situation is

    Brook Lopez
    DeSagana Diop
    Stromile Swift
    Yi Jianlian
    Nenad Kristic
    Josh Boone
    Sean Williams
    Ryan Anderson(wow i didn't knew who he was but the numbers are great)

    i think the ones with bold, underlined letter will be the starter.(or Yi might share 50/50 with Kristic) so Boone, williams and anderson(he's a rookie though) might not have a time to play. so we might have niche. especially when i saw the game against jersey Boone really impressed me. though that game was his career high game, he seemed to have a quickness and a great feel for the game. so i tried the deal(for my friend) through ESPN trade machine and it worked.
    New Jersey Nets

    Incoming Players
    Shawne Williams
    Salary: $1,470,360 Years Remaining: 2

    Outgoing Players: Josh Boone
    Indiana Pacers

    Incoming Players
    Josh Boone
    Salary: $1,133,040 Years Remaining: 2

    Outgoing Players: Shawne Williams

    some of you might ask 'then who's gonna be the back-up for granger?'
    this is the best part.

    New York Knicks

    Incoming Players
    Jamaal Tinsley
    Salary: $6,300,000 Years Remaining: 4

    Outgoing Players: Jared Jeffries Indiana Pacers

    Incoming Players
    Jared Jeffries
    Salary: $5,632,200 Years Remaining: 4

    Outgoing Players: Jamaal Tinsley

    jeffries didn't produced a thing through out his career(well. the numbers doesn't look good though... how on earth did this guy got a contract like this?) in new york but just for the fact that we don't have to see Tinman any more should and could make every one smile.(i see you guys smilling!) and he's also an IU product that might bring some local fans there.(though not sure jeffries deal would work because of the fact that their new GM really knows lot about the Tinman) well this is my friends idea.
    any comments?

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    Default Re: Josh Boone to Ind for Shawne Williams

    not bad and it works for me.

    but donnie in ny might not be agreeable to taking tinsley, even if it gets rid of jeffries. i wouldn't mind jeffries actually - he was a pretty decent role player back in washington.

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    Default Re: Josh Boone to Ind for Shawne Williams

    Honestly now.

    Donnie Walsh probably knows more about Tinsley than anyone else in the league. And if he knows Tinsley isn't the answer for the Pacers PG problems, why would he even think he could fix the Knicks' problem?

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    Default Re: Josh Boone to Ind for Shawne Williams

    Like the whole thing. Don't think part two is happening. I'd be cool with part 1 by itself.
    I'd rather die standing up than live on my knees.

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    Default Re: Josh Boone to Ind for Shawne Williams

    There is zero change Jersey does that deal. They might move Boone for some backcourt depth but not for a front court cast off like Williams.

    Walsh has enough to deal with & you want him to take Tins!

    The man is getting up there, give him some peace. Lets try to make his Golden Years, just that.

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    Default Re: Josh Boone to Ind for Shawne Williams

    I'd pass on Josh Boone. He's mediocre on a good day. Shawne should be worth more than that.

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