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Thread: Projected Lineups (As of 06.29.08)

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    Default Re: Projected Lineups (As of 06.29.08)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dece View Post
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    So tinsley is a serviceable backup at best, but you think McRoberts could become useful.

    I gotta say you aren't much of a talent scout, do you even watch basketball?
    Sure, I watch a lot of bb. Admittedly I didn't watch Tinsley's breakout year last year as I didn't get many Pacer games and didn't think they had a future anyway.

    I'm saying McRoberts is a wildcard who could be servicable if his head is one size smaller than coming out of college, yes.

    I don't think teams can win with Tinsley. Although again, I missed his breakout and improved shooting.

    Anyway, Tinsley or lack of Tinsley is probably OT without other lineup talk. Maybe we can debate talent scouting later. I'll bow out for now.

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    Default Re: Projected Lineups (As of 06.29.08)

    Wheel, Tinsley's problem isn't his work ethic. He comes into camp every year looking pretty good... he's been doing summer work for years.

    His problem is his head. Dude just ain't smart... about himself, who he hangs with, how he spends his time, when to go one-on-one, when to go one-on-five, etc. He's got the gifts, but doesn't know what to do with him.

    Also, he's not good in the open court... he's much better in the halfcourt.

    I'm really not sure we're watching the same guy.
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    Default Re: Projected Lineups (As of 06.29.08)

    Hmm, we aren't watching the same guy. Because to me, he's a liabaility as a shooter which makes him not so hot in the half court since you can sag off of him.

    I think he's a capable ballhandler though and can penetrate some, along with some decent passes, hence my running game thing even though I have never thought of him as quick. But I don't like him much in the half court.

    I'm not saying he could never play. But even several years ago I wasn't a fan. And now he's beat up and older.

    I never knocked his work ethic, I don't know anything about that.
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    Default Re: Projected Lineups (As of 06.29.08)

    At the beginning of the season, I'm expecting:


    PG - Ford
    SG - Dunleavy
    SF - Granger
    PF - Murphy
    C - Rasho

    Reserves ( in order )

    6 ) Jack
    7 ) Foster
    8 ) Shawne
    9 ) Brandon
    10 ) Hibbert

    I expect that we would start with the Vets at the start of the season. I want to ensure that Brandon and Hibbert get some solid minutes and hope to spread out the Big Man PF/C minutes somewhat evenly among Murphy/Foster/Rasho/Hibbert. As long as both Brandon and Hibbert get an average of about 10-12 minutes a game...then I am happy.

    But I am hoping that after the ASB that we can move Brandon ahead of Shawne in the SG/SF rotation and then find a way to increase Hibbert's minutes....likely at the expense of Rasho.
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    Default Re: Projected Lineups (As of 06.29.08)

    Those are going to be pretty solid reserves IMO. I would like to see normal rotations where the reserves play together consistently.

    I hope to see Hibbert and Foster in the starting lineup though. I suspect those two will provide a solid tandem in the middle on defense.

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    Default Re: Projected Lineups (As of 06.29.08)

    We have players that are good in motion, and we have players that are good in half-court. Expect line-ups on the floor that reflect that. JOb will start with the gunners.


    The half-court team will look like this.


    Pairing Foster/Hibbert and Murphy/Nest gives JOb combos that can provide scoring from his bigs, courtesy of Troy and Roy. Murphy wil score in the high post, and Hibbert in the low. Whatever the combo having scoring from big guys, seems to be essential to the coach. We will also see small ball at times.

    Ford/Rush/Dun/DG/and Troy or Jeff

    Ford/Jack/DG/SW/and Troy or Jeff

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